My Daughter's Ear Piercing Experience

Medical Ear Piercing

By Amy Rose Stoner, MacKid Lodi Publisher March 2, 2023

My daughter has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while now. As I was reflecting on the reason why I didn't say yes to getting it done sooner, I realized it was because I wasn't even sure where I would take her. The only two places I really knew about were tattoo shops or the fashion/accessory store at the mall. 

It wasn't until I heard about a local pediatrics office that was offering Medical Ear Piercing. I was curious to find out more so I checked out the website and learned that they used the Blomdahl medical earring piercing system. "It uses a sterile, single use, disposable cassette to help prevent the chance of infection or transmission of blood borne pathogens. The piercing earrings are either titanium or medical grade plastic to prevent development of nickel allergy." 

On the website, there is an option to text the office to request an appointment. My daughter was counting down the days and could hardly wait to FINALLY get this done. I picked her up from school and before I could even ask how her day was, she was asking questions like "how will it feel?", "will it hurt?",  "how long will it be?",  "what earrings can I wear?".  I was so grateful that the office wasn't too far from her school so instead of answering all these questions-we would both get those answers from the Doctor. 

As we pulled up to the office, I took a few moments to breathe and took one more look at my daughter. She laughed because I wanted to take a look at her bare ears one more time. The moment almost sounds silly, but I knew that once this was done,  she would look a little more grown up to me. Everything was feeling bittersweet for this mama.

We both walk into the Pediatric office, and we are welcomed by Dr. Balduzzi. She was so kind and made us feel so welcomed and comfortable from the moment we stepped in. She brought us to the back where she had us sit, and she talked directly to my daughter about the entire ear piercing process. I was there to listen in as well but I appreciated how she was talking directly to the one who will be getting the ear piercing done. She explained exactly what would happen, the process and how to care for her ear piercing afterwards. 

Once she was done explaining everything she handed over the earring selection. My daughter smiled, and I could tell this was a pretty important decision for her to make. It didn't take long for her to point out the ones she wanted.  

And now it was finally time for it to happen. The Doctor walked us into a separate room where she was going to do the actual ear piercing procedure. 

She thoroughly cleaned my daughters ear lobes and used a marker to mark the right spots for the piercing. In my opinion that was the longest part of this entire process as I could tell the doctor wanted to make sure the earrings would be perfectly symmetrical and placed just right. 

By that time, I could see my daughter getting a little bit nervous. The doctor was engaging her in conversation about what she is learning in school and that really helped keep her distracted. She did the first piercing and it happened so quickly that my daughter hardly noticed and just kept answering the questions the doctor was asking her. She moved to the next ear, and again, very quick and easy. In a matter of seconds, I see my sweet little girl with her beautiful new earrings and she is beaming!!! The piercing was done and she walked over to the mirror to see her new look.

The aftercare instructions were simple and for my daughter being 8 years old, it seemed like a good age where she would be able to follow through with the directions on how to clean them every day/night. So far, they seem to be healing really well. I am really grateful that this was an option for us. Medical Grade Ear Piercing was a wonderful experience and I have one very happy little girl who is absolutely loving her newly pierced ears!!!

If you are interested in Medical Grade Ear Piercing, please contact Balduzzi Pediatrics by TEXTING the office at 209-372-5430.