Monkeyin' Around

New Indoor Playground in Stockton

By Josh & Amy Rose Stoner, MacKid Lodi Publishers August 3, 2023

The newest and coolest indoor children's venue just recently opened its doors and  we are going BANANAS for it!!! 

Monkeyin' Around is a safe and very clean indoor playground located in Stonecreek Village in Stockton. It offers an open play area with a total of three connected treehouses in the main playground area.There is also a separate toddler area for ages 2-5 and a gated baby area for ages 6-24 months. Some favorites are the Cozy Pod Spinners, the Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, the Melissa and Doug Diner, and the Fresh Mart Grocery Store. Kids have a blast jumping from different toys and activities. There is also a Nature/Nurture room which offers a private place for breastfeeding moms and also a place to change the little ones. Not only is Monkeyin' Around a place to take your little ones to get some energy out, but it's the absolute PERFECT place to escape to on a hot or rainy day and where the kids can play and have fun all day.

Aside from being an awesome indoor playground structure, they also have a pretty cool cafe too. Now there is no need to leave when the kiddos or parents get a little hungry, just take a little break and walk on over to the cafe!! You can choose from a variety of quick snacks and refreshments including a slushy machine which was an absolute hit for the kids especially on a HOT day! We also tried the handmade pizzas, the chili cheese nachos, chili cheese dogs and the pretzels. Let's just say nothing went to waste and we'd probably go back just for some slushies and the delicious Chili Cheese Dog.

So in my opinion, this place really checked off all the boxes. It is family friendly, safe, clean, and affordable. Did I mention that once you pay admission for your kiddos, there is no time limit on how long you can stay. Kids can play for an hour or all day. 

We brought five little monkeys to give this place a try and let's just say 4 hours wasn't enough. We would have stayed even longer if it wasn't time for it to close up for the night. Our kids were begging to come back the next day! Looks like we may need to get a membership next :)

For more information, check out their website at where you can get details on birthday party packages, fundraising opportunities, family nights, kids day camps and much more. Follow them on Instagram at for updates and upcoming events as well.